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The Rorschach Test is a psychological test showing how differently each person perceives from the images.

I used acrylic paint to create my own Rorschach inkblot tests, exploring the silhouettes, the shapes, the prints, and colors to discover the beauty of imagination and the asymmetry within the symmetry.

This collection is an eveningwear collection that uses polka dot prints, which is extracted from the most basic inkblot, and layered pleated details developed from the acrylic prints to let the audience mirror their true personalities and emotions from their interpretations.

Rorschach Test_Moodboard.png
Rorschach Test_Customer Board.png
Rorschach Test_Draping.png
Rorschach Test_Lineup 1.png
Rorschach Test_Lineup 2.png
Rorschach Dress Cover.png
Rorschach Look 1.gif
Rorschach Pants Cover.png
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Rorschach Tie Gown Cover.png
Rorschach Look 3.gif
Rorschach Gown Cover.png
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